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Active Data Networks


JT consultants offer complete solutions along with box selling up to network and connectivity for clients, thereby offering solutions in the area of LAN, WAN and wireless Network.


As part of our continuing effort to provide quality security services for our clients “JT” delivers advanced firewall security features across multiple platforms that protect your internets and virtual private network (VPNs) form intrusions when connecting to the internet or other wide-area network (WAN) services.


Exceptional flexibility and expandability for growing businesses and superb at low cost server consolidation with high performance and availability.

Backup Systems

Most of us realize how important it is to backup files, but don`t know how to do it. Today`s backup software enables you to protect your data easier and more convenient than ever before giving you the tools to perform backups as your needs require.

With our backup software offering, the data backup solutions are as diverse as people who use them.

Storage Solutions

1- (SMB) storage solution:

SMB storage technology are affordable and scalable to grow with your needs

2- Enterprise Storage Solution:

Enterprise Storage Solution offers powerful and bulletproof with virtualized storage technology.

Disaster Recovery Site

Disaster Recovery (DR) is the process, policies and procedures that are related to preparing for recovery or continuation of technology infrastructure which are vital to an organization after a natural or human-induced disaster.