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Digital Signage

What is Digital Signage?

Digital signage, also known as digital sign, digital place-based media, digital screen network, narrowcasting, and electronic billboards, is a network of signs that use digital displays to communicate with target audiences in designated locations by high-quality video, audio, animation, graphic, and text (ticker). Unlike TV and radio broadcasting, digital signage network is the most suitable advertising platform for niche marketing or target marketing.


JIWAR TECHNOLOGY provides a complete digital signage solution with easy and efficient management, appealing multimedia presentation, flexible and creative design, and low total ownership cost. This solution, including dedicated media players and servers, can be deployed either as a “networked standalone solution” or under “server-client structure” over wired or wireless IP network.

Replacing and enhancing traditional signs, JT offers multimedia communication branded solutions to promote, inform, educate, and entertain specific audiences in a variety of out-of-home occasions.