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Call Accounting & Monitoring

I-Bill Call Accounting is a web-based solution that helps organizations monitor telecom usage as well as controlling telecom spending.

Benefits and Uses:

  • Enables users to collect, analyze, and report on call activity and expenses, providing the data necessary to make business decisions.
  • Multiple Sites: The ability to work with one site or more, if present.
  • Simple easy to use user web interface.
  • Compatible with TDM, IP or hybrid networks.
  • Multi Telecom provider support: the ability to handle more than one telecom provider with different schema rates.
  • Trunk overloading: trunk name can be duplicated in more than one site at the same time in i-Bill, with deferent schema rates.
  • Advanced search module: user can search in calls with all criteria “Date, Time, Extension , phone number, …. etc” , and export the result to excel.
  • User Privileges: admin can assign departments to the system user,… etc.